"We found them highly knowledgeable and experienced. Their client needs assessment skills are unmatched. We would like to congratulate them on their conceptual designing and outstanding professionalism. Their design skills are incredible."


"They help people feel comfortable and to feel honesty and true character of genuine integrity. They bring with them a calm “knowledge” that all will be well."


"You were able to take a lot of the stress out of dealing with City permits, as well as contracting and construction work. We would highly recommend your services to any potential clients that are considering anything from Feng Shui to décor or a complete overhaul in construction."


"Your writing strikes so close to the conscious and the heart."


"We are very happy to say we were extremely pleased with the results. The color coordination of the walls with furniture and the artistic visualization and creation were most satisfying. Throughout the work, they displayed complete professionalism and an eagerness to listen and please. Spectacular results were achieved with minimal expense and by using and rearranging existing furniture."


“I encourage anyone to try to incorporate Feng Shui into their lives because it works. Your quality of life will change.”


"They guided me and gave me a prediction of how things will look for me. So far things are going exactly as they predicted."


"They are highly committed professionals with Feng Shui expertise and are totally responsible for the success of all our projects. We would be more than happy to hire them for all our future projects."


"Exceeded our expectations! Their design concept and knowledge is unique, custom & original."


"The most interesting thing is that its implementations is so easy, a tweak here and a twist there and its done. In their presence we felt a very good vibe and energy. We felt confident and assuring. Their knowledge and experience in their field show their hard work and devotion."

A.H. & Family

"They possess a very good ability of creative designing. We are extremely happy with their professional performance. They are very sincere, dedicated professionals and they helped our firm in all ways, growing both our business and reputation."


“We believe that we are now better equipped to face life’s challenges.”


“Their advice and direction over the years has been invaluable.”


“I highly recommend the WTFS team to anyone who wants to start a business, buy a home, correct a wrong or improve their life.”


“I was a little skeptical at first, but to my amazement everything that they suggested worked…and it worked quickly.”


“We never knew that small little things would have such a major impact on our lives…”

A & Family

“By following their advice/suggestions, our business flourished and our customers are in awe of the great interior design.”


Better Chi By Design